What to Expect

Whether you are a first-time guest or have joined us many times, we want you to feel welcome and a part of the Fellowship Bible Church. 

  • Preaching is always from God’s word, whether it is expository (verse-by-verse) or topical. We have nothing to say apart from His word.
  • Music is a blend of meaningful songs, from the great historic hymns to contemporary songs, incorporating various instruments.
  • Casual Attire, or whatever makes you comfortable. 
  • Children are blessings!
  • Infants will feel safe and loved in our nursery staffed by vetted volunteers and nursery workers. 
  • Older children (through 8 years of age) may remain in the church service or go to their own Children's Church where they will learn biblical truths in a fun setting.
  • Worship is about you connecting with God and becoming a follower of Jesus. For some, that means singing (we like to sing) and raising hands, for others it means quietly listening and reflecting.
  • Follow Up depends on what meets your needs. We will never visit you uninvited, but if you would like to know more about Jesus Christ, or about Fellowship Bible Church, we will gladly listen to what is on your mind and on your heart