VLOG - Virus Prompted Blog

Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Well, of the three cases we discovered in our area yesterday, one may well be “community spread.” And so, our health department is hard at work to trace all the contacts this person has had and find out who is carrying the virus—who has come in contact with this person as well and who else may have come in contact with the person who had come in contact with the original person and so on. And then try to bottle up the virus so that it cannot spread.

I suppose that in an ideal situation, every citizen and visitor of our county would follow the order set out by our leaders to keep social distancing and wash hands and disinfect so that it would be “bottled” up. These who do this are those who are aware of the situation; who trust their leaders; and who follow through in obedience.

But . . .

There are those who don’t believe it. They don’t believe that the corona virus is real, that it is a real threat or that they could get it. They are the unbelievers. They will do whatever they want and ignore orders. They will get sick and spread the virus—hurt themselves and others.

There are those who just don’t know about it. They are ignorant of the virus or of its effects. Maybe they are ignorant of the Mayor’s order. Whether it’s a self-inflicted ignorance or a lack of connection to sources of information, they just don’t know about it. They will do the same thing as those who don’t believe, they will get sick and spread the virus—hurt themselves and others.

There are those who know it, believe it, but must continue working “out there” to save and to destroy. They are authorized and ordered to go out and to make sure people know, that people obey and that those who are infected are helped and are saved. They take great precautions, don the masks, wash their hands religiously, and keep away from others unless they are in great need or must do so to accomplish their work. But they also know the risks and do it anyway. They are believers, warriors and emissaries.

Oh, the analogy is to the spiritual life is pretty evident to me.

Of course, there is one more “player” who is critical to the reality and to the analogy. That “player” is not really just a player but supreme and independent and also involved and serving. It is God.

All things are under his control and command. That includes this corona virus. And He will use it as He sees fit.

But back to analogy.

Which one are you? Do you believe it? Or maybe you don’t believe it, or are ignorant? Maybe you are one of those who is called to go into harm’s way with all the tools needed to combat it?

Of course, this is not just for the corona virus, but for the virus, the one that has already infected all and is 100% lethal. It is the virus of sin.

And I won’t clean up the analogy so that it fits perfectly, no. Think about it, so much about the events in this physical world mirror what happens in the spiritual world, even things like the corona virus. Think about it.

The order has gone out, you have a choice to believe it and follow it, or to not believe it and disobey it, to be ignorant of it and do the same, or to be one who is called to fight against it.

Hmmmm . . .

Pastor Clayton