Adult Bible Classes

The Bible is God's way to cause us to know Him better. It is not just about the knowledge or the facts we gain. By exposure to God's Word, the Bible, we receive instruction for life. If we obey it we draw nearer to God. Adult Bible classes provide an environment where gifted teachers present challenging forums to share the knowledge of the Word of God. 

Sunday mornings at 9:30 come and dig in, find the treasure!

Beyond the Basics

Who we are and who we are not

Intended for both the new and the mature Christians, this broad-ranging class will discuss the basic principles of evangelical Christianity, how Christians interact with today’s culture, and how other world religions view our culture.

Begins December 2, 2018


Do you have trouble making decisions, knowing when to speak and when to be silent, or how to recognize when you are being led astray? The book of Proverbs has the answers.

Begins December 2, 2018